Clipper session in NYC

The 10th of April we had a great event at the Clipper;'Stad Amsterdam'. This unique vessels hosted our event: "Smart City Clipper session; Sustainable Urban Development, Innovative Green Building, Community Resilience". The main focus was to continue building our partnership with RETI, GBX, ONE Architecture, Oasis Design and Thread Collective by reaching out to the Governmental insitutions NYCEDC and the CityCouncil. Learning from Amsterdam we know that realizing the ambitions of the BlueCity RedHook project requires believe and support from local governments and authorities. The Smart City Clipper session was very fruitfull in building this relationship. We have shared knwoledge, insights and lost of positive energy. Building Floating, Circular and Resilient Communities is really the way forward. Also in the Post-Sandy area of RedHook. We welcome Carlos Menchaca and Lindsay Clinton to visit Amsterdam in june 2019. 

The afternoon session we enjoyed presentations from Kara Meyer of PlusPool NewYork and Amy Motzy of Gowanus Canal Conservancy to share their recommendations and knowledge on 'how to succesfully implement your ambitious project in NewYork city?' After these presentations we visited the GBX site in RedHook, SouthBrooklyn where mr. Quadrozzi showed us around the premises.