The Manifest RedHook calls for a more inclusive approach towards planning the city for Resiliency and Circularity


Manifest Red Hook calls for a more inclusive approach towards planning for the future of New York City for greater resilience and circularity. The project BlueCity @ Red Hook envisions a small-scale yet feasible project on the Brooklyn waterfront at the Gowanus Bay Terminal (GBX). Realizing this case study project sets an example for future development to be more inclusive and future proof.

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Launched as a Dutch/American collaborative effort, the consortium links the offices of ONE Architecture and Urbanism and Space&Matter in close partnership with RETI Center, a nonprofit operating out of the project location in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Working with local government, community and market partners, the shared vision is to help diverse urban waterfront communities survive and thrive in a changing climate. GBX Terminal, a local industrialist, has agreed to host the BlueCity prototype on their unique land and water property as a model for urban development that prioritizes community input and benefit.

ONE and Space&Matter will provide expert Dutch knowledge on floating housing and urban planning to be exported to the USA. Joining forces and sharing portfolios will enable the two offices to implement significant water development projects in New York City and beyond.



Help us crowdfund BlueCity! We are planning to build BlueCity, a floating village on the harbor in Red Hook. When it's finished, it will be a whole neighborhood powered by renewable energy and ready for climate change and higher seas.

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Photograph by Isabel Nabuurs

Photograph by Isabel Nabuurs

Proof of Concept

In our proof of concept example projects, like Schoonschip in Amsterdam, we showcase residential floating developments as a strategy to establish future-proof, high-quality living environments. Living on the water means also living with the water. The water functions as a climatic medium and adds value to the energy supply. BlueCity @ Red Hook comprises the redevelopment of a heavy industrial waterfront location into a sustainability-focused urban area with a high ambition for circularity. 

The development will be inclusive, prioritizing ecological goals and environmental justice for vulnerable low-income communities. Water management, clean drinking water and wastewater management will be addressed with decentralised systems. Water will also be included in local food production, providing urban farming on a floating infrastructure to help make the neighbourhood more self-supporting and resilient.